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Shaking the hand of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong along with Singapore's best.

Singapore Prime Minister


With AG Gold Medallists & World Champion 
Singaporean Sailors (Justin Liu & Shermen Cheng)


Physio with Singapore's Womens Volleyball Team


(Across Sports)

Reduced Injury Burden*
(Singapore Sailing)


*Based on our Annual Injury Surveillance of 104 Sailors & Windsurfers '10-12

In end of 2009 went to Singapore during an exciting period when Singapore’s Sport was being born. Taking up role as Sports Physiotherapist for Singapore Sports Council (SSC), initially supporting success for host-nation Team Singapore at the 1st Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010). Then helping their Olympic dreams with developing Singapore’s new sport system & government sports performance agency - Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), which officially opened in 2011. The gov heavily invested in SSI as a strategic capability for High Performance Sports & Sports Development in Singapore, which was modelled off the Australia’s integrated sports-science AIS model. Here i worked within Singapore’s National Sports Medicine Centre treating sports injuries of any of the 1200 SSI supported Singapore sportspeople, & providing guidance to sport in Singapore. Also developed national protocols in sports rehabilitation (for select injuries - eg. ACL, Achilles) for the National Sports Medicine Network. Developed proactive data-driven new systems, both algorithms & digital to improve injury outcomes for my responsibility organisations. 


In Singapore also held positions: 

  • Offical Medical Team Member of Singapore National Olympic Committee, for Olympic & Commonwealth Games events.

  • Lead Physiotherapy for national sporting organisations (Basketball, Sailing, Shooting)

  • Head Physiotherapist for Singapore Slingers Basketball Team in ASEAN Basketball League - formerly in Australia-NBL.

  • Olympic Podium Pathway planning working-groups

  • National Team Physiotherapist for 11 sports

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