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Help you organisation improve their performance approaches and sports medical systems, utilising proven evidence-based innovations and sports science from Australia, and someone with 10 years leadership and executive high performance management experience within World Title winning elite sports teams, as well as leading sports medical centre's and sports science institutes across the world. Someone developed national sports rehabilitation protocols, and national sports medical networks in Asian nations.


We utilise a systems-thinking approach to first establish the organisations core sticky points (weaknesses) and then implement approaches, structures and systems which aim to deliver targeted results for your organisations. We also provide specialist second opinions around injuries for our partner organisations and support the organisations sports medical, sports rehabilitation and performance staff to improve their capabilities and service outcomes. We advise clients on a range of plans, standard operating procedures (SOPs), standards, and also regularly establishing connections between the organisation and leading institutes or research partners to further achieve their sustainable long-term goals. We introduce a range of new technologies (sports tech) and data science driven solutions to improve the processes for our clients, and lead to digital or data analytical transformations to achieve precision care for their athletes or patients.

Some examples of our clients:

  • Rehabilitation Center in Shanghai: provide second opinion expertise via tele-health, or remotely, for their doctors.

  • Sports University in China: provided expertise, advise and consultancy to help them establish a new sports rehabilitation, sports science and sports technology center. 

  • Orthopedic Hospital in Chengdu: provide second opinion expertise and develop rehab plans for their staff. 

  • National Sports Team in China: assist them with best practices in high performance, recommend & screen potential new staff, and advise their current staff on performance and rehabilitation programs. 



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