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China speed skates in pursuit of western sports medicine & physiotherapy



Winter Olympic Games


TV Interview with CCTV5 TV Host, along with Athletics Olympic Gold Medalist (Chen Ding)


At Jakarta 2018 Asian Games with China Womens Basketball Team (& Gold Medals)


Less Injured

(China Skating Team)


*Based on number of skaters able complete full planned high intensity training days.

           In 2013, a year before the Winter Olympics (Sochi 2014), China governments were looking to improve sports medicine with international specialist to fix injury concerns that they had and aiming for Olympics success with a Beijing 2022 Olympic bid in process. As the first-ever Physiotherapist to work for China’s Winter Olympic Team, I accepted position and headed to Beijing as Head Physiotherapist for Sochi 2014, in a newly created Head of Rehabilitation role by the China General Administration of Sport & Chinese Olympic Committee. Around 2011/12 China's government started place importance on their athletes health, and looking at developing “western” sports medicine approaches in China. At China’s Winter Sports National Training Centre I had responsibility for overseeing sports medicine, rehabilitation and injury prevention, provided guidance to the local medical staff, and was “Team Dr*” (Head Physio) for China’s ‘Short-track speed skating’ team that won 6 Olympic Medals (2 Gold’s) in Sochi 2014. In the years since have been “Consultant Rehabilitation Specialist” for Chinese Olympic Committee, and Chinese Basketball Association. Currently have a consultancy firm in Beijing providing sports injury solutions.
*Chinese terminology for the position.


Notable roles in China: 

  • National Team Physiotherapist, Team China (Various Sports)

  • Head of Rehabilitation, Sochi 2014 (National Winter Olympic Training Centre)

  • Consultant Rehabilitation Specialist, China Olympic Committee

  • China’s Skating Team Physio, Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

  • China’s Basketball (3x3) Team Physio, 2018 Asian Games

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