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The Short Story ... 

Professional Achievements Include:

  • Head Physiotherapist (Head of Medical) Pakistan Men’s Cricket Team

  • Head of Rehabilitation, Chinese Winter Olympic Team (Sochi 2014 Olympics)

  • Consultant, South Korea Athletics Team (2014 Incheon Asian Games)

  • Head Physiotherapist, Singapore Slingers (ABL - Professional Basketball)

  • Singapore National Olympic Committee (SNOC) Offical Medical Team Member: Asian, Commonwealth & Youth Olympics Games

Post Professional Certificates Include:

  • APA Level 3 Sports Physiotherapist (Australia Institute of Sport). 

  • Manual Therapy Certificates (Maitland, Muscle Energy, Mulligan - Australia Physiotherapy Association)

  • Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound (Australia School of Medical Imagery)

  • DMA Clinical Pilates Certified (Australia Physiotherapy Association)

  • Strength & Conditioning, & Biomechanics Analysis Certifications.

  • Full Professional Member: Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) & Sports Medicine Australia


  • Pakistan Prime Ministers Award (2017),
    from PM Nawaz Sharif


  • Selected & Awarded on Prime Minister of Australia's Running For Future Team, from PM John Howard (2003)

The Long Story ... 

  • Physio (Uni Syd), Sports Physio (La Trobe)

  • Full Australian Health Board (AHPRA) Licensed

  • APA Level 3 Sports Physiotherapist (AIS)

  • Member of Australian Sports Medicine Association

  • Member of Australian Physiotherapy Association

  • Physio (Uni Syd), PostGrad Sports Physio (La Trobe)

  • APA Level 3 Sports Physiotherapy Cert. (AIS)

  • Clinical Board License: Australia & Hong Kong (China)

A geek of sports injuries, Australian qualified physiotherapist, with focus on sports medicine & performance rehabilitation. Driven to try change many of the inefficiencies & issues in current injury management approaches. Having worked in national level leadership roles, championship winning teams & with world champions around the world, this has prompted me to challenge and look for better ways. With this overbearing passion to reimagining the future of what is possible, I provide strategic & innovative leadership to top level players, professional sports teams, governments, national institutes globally, with a considerable track record turning organisation's performance & sports injury situations around.  Physiotherapy graduate from world's top-ranked* University of Sydney & then sports physiotherapy postgraduate at La Trobe University; gone on to help create the new national Singapore’s Sports Institute, bring western sports medicine to China whilst rehabilitating their injured Olympians back to Gold medals, and turning around 'improbabilities' for Pakistan's Men's Cricket Team in their ICC World Champion’s Trophy win. I am invigorated to see how we can change more sports injury stories & organisations performance together, with long-term solutions… 

*2017 World QS Subject Ranking: Number 1 / Best Uni  for Sports Rehab & Physical Therapy


I was fortunate that my training efforts had paid off early with an amazing start to my dreams as a aspiring marathon runner,  with stars in my eyes surrounded by top inspirations to mentor me. Ok I wasn’t as good as a Yao Ming or Liu Xiang, but our stories would share the same sad endings with dreams destroyed by sports injuries.  I was left heartbroken, lost and searching for answers to my sports injuries. With an overbearing passion I dedicated my life to finding better ways to manage musculoskeletal and sports injury problems, in pursuit of unbreakable humans of the future, with over 20 World or Olympic Champions. And still achieving the 'Olympic Dream' as teams physio, and as Prime Ministers John Howard words to me in 2003 said: “to create great athletes of the future”. 

Video (From SBS News): Australia's PM John Howard, Sir Rob De Castella (World Marathon Champion), & Shane Hayes at Parliament House 2003. 


Needing changes to their sports injury problems in the year ahead of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic, I was brought to Beijing by China's General Administration of Sport in newly created Head of Rehabilitation role for China’s Winter Olympic Team, as they started shift to western sports medicine and as their winter teams first ever physio. With Yao Ming early retirement due to injuries, as well as other stars  -  there was a clear sign China needed reforms & changes in it’s sports injury management. With no physiotherapy in China & limited western concepts of Sports Medicine, I stated in a APA article in 2014 that China “have a good chance (for good sports medicine), with an almost white canvas to paint its professions future direction”. As such over years since I have been trying make this a reality, and helping Chinese Teams and Players as Team China Physiotherapist across various Olympic & Team Sports. Allowing their players to recover from injuries & go on to achieve Olympic medals. And the story is starting to look better already..

(Read More on Team China)


I took on one of my biggest challenge in the worlds 2nd most popular sport of cricket in a country that it’s almost a religion; when I was appointed to oversee the Medical Services, to try to change the injury situation for Pakistan Cricket Team at a time when their injury-ridden team was near their bottom; with challenges of limited sports medical capabilities in their home, with contracted players spread at club across the world, & spending 305 days/year overseas for tour & games, and with no home games. Overseeing their sports medical & implementing new systems; we achieved a 73% reduction in injury rates, & recovered players to world top performances; on the way to becoming ICC World Number 1 Test rank in 2016 & winning the 2017 ICC World Champions Trophy. It was a unique humbled experience as part of this nation inspiration moment, topped off by Finals Man-of-the-Match making the nice statement about me during his post-match press conference. To make a difference to allow you to achieve your dreams, that’s what drives me! 

(Read More on Pakistan Cricket Team Sports Medical Story)


In 2009 the change started when I moved to Asia to work for Singapore's Sports Council (SSC) helping them establish their new Government sports performance agency, the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI), which opened in 2011. Working at Singapore’s National Sports Medicine Centre in SSC & SSI treated World Title winning sports people & was a Lead for few select national sports organisations. As Singapore National Olympic Committee (SNOC) Official Medical Team Member was initially part of host-nation Team Singapore at the 1st Youth Olympic Games in 2010, and over the following years marched behind Singapore's flag into many other major Olympic & World events. Changing the nations sports injury story with a pivotal role taking lead in developing and establishing a number of the national injury management & rehabilitation protocols (for select injuries) for Singapore's national sports medical network & SSI. The World Title winning sailing ship had come in for Singapore, with the results of their new institute & system appearing early for both Team Singapore, and Singapore Slingers, & successful with reduced injuries.

(Read More on Singapore Sports Institute or Slingers )


There is a clear need for change in musculoskeletal and sports medicine globally. As you spend every moment looking to improve in your sport, i am still spending every moment of my day to try fix & change this sports injury situation; from sharing info at conferences, and serving on professional boards (eg. International Strategy Committee for Australia Physiotherapy Association, through to developing new innovative systems, researching best practices. Driven by trying to find ways that allow you to achieve you or your teams sporting dreams still!


Photo: With Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull & Wife, at Kirribilli House (Prime Ministers House) for New Year's Day Lunch 2017.


As a consultant for host-nation South Korea at Incheon Asian Games in 2014, and Team Physio for Korea's Athletics Team it was exciting opportunity to provide sports injury treatment to ensure Korea’s top athletes recovered from their injuries to achieve inspirational success in-front of their home crowd.

Over the years I have also gone to other countries needing change the most to ensure everyone across the world can chase a sporting dream & overcome their injuries; including providing changes as a Advisor  to Sri Lanka’s Minister of Sport, and Consultant & Chief Physio for the Ministry. Also as a volunteer setup a clinic & sports medical system in Africa for the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) pilot “Sports For Hope” in Zambia.

Slowly seeing the world and thinking differently over the years on the Silk Road. 


A global explorer, with interest in equality & improving relations amongst nations, you can find me jogging along street of cities around the world, or lost wandering around hutong alleys in Beijing, or head down at a quiet cafe reading new sports medical research, or trekking around searching for different cultures & beautiful mountain peaks....


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