Asia's little-known tea sporting nation

Sri Lanka Rugby -with the team at a game near Kandy. Was fascinating to see crowds like this, with over 20,000 for a rugby game there.

With Team Sri Lankan Sprinter (Track Athlete)

Medical Staff of Sri Lanka Sports Medical Institute

I was brought over to this beautiful friendly paradise in the Indian Ocean as a Consultant to the Sri Lanka Ministry of Sport, advisor to the Minister of Sport and the Director General, and appointed as 'Chief Physiotherapist' for Sri Lanka, assist them implement some changes within sport medical strategies & setup a new physiotherapy clinic at their national sports medical institute (Sri Lanka Institute of Sports Medicine), and support all national teams, athletes & players with their injuries from across the country. Helping them look for strategies and ways to improve sports medicine within the nation of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is well known as a cricket nation, but also has a strong domestic popularity for Rugby, surprisingly with volleyball as their official national sport (but you could see why if you see their beaches or wandering rural countryside its popularity), and considerable international success in Athletics as the only Asian nation to win Olympic medal in sprinting events (Track). I was fortunate to provide directions to all these national sporting organisations and teams, as well as many others, whilst in Sri Lanka. Whilst there was asked to be their Team Physiotherapist for their athletics and rugby teams, and Olympic team, and rehabilitate number of key sports people.

Some of the unique experience and moments there, include having the reputation to assess & manage the rehabilitation of their most important members of society including government minsters and the Sri Lankan presidents family - which during my time in Sri Lanka the Presidents sons were heavily involved in sports themselves, played for the national rugby team with one as captain, and also played club rugby within Sri Lanka rugby competition. Another interesting thing was having a regular TV segment discussing sports injuries & how to manage them on Sri Lanka's morning show every Sundays.


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