Physiotherapist / Sports Rehabilitation Professional
Made in Australia, Exported to Asia.
Now “Lost in Translation”.

Physiotherapist, &/or as often referred to in Asia: Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Professional (运动体能康复专家), whom has been lucky to live & work around the Asian continent. Inspired and surrounded by many great elite athletes within various high performance sports teams. Privileged as one of the few foreigners to have worked with-in & witnessed the approaches of high profile Olympic programs of Team South Korea & Team China.

Originally an Australian whom after early days in AUS, initially relocated oversea’s to Singapore after accepting an offer to work as part of their governments new ambitious high performance sports program (Singapore’s Sports Institute). During the years with Team Singapore, i had the rare experiences to work within the national sports medical center rehabilitating athletes in all sports, & also traveling as national team physiotherapist to international competitions with 13 different Olympic sports, whilst working among a great team of experts (coaching, sports science ect..) from around the world. This provided a unique observation, network & exposure across Asian culture’s & sport scene. Subsequently i began to develop an interest & passion for growing my profession & my life in Asia. As well as passion to challenge myself taking on more challenges & responsibilities; and improve the methods in injury management (& prevention) and hopefully contribute to improvements in performance of Asian athletes on the global stage. Whilst always learning very different philosophies, views and approaches in different cultures and discovering the world with an open-mind.


In the years that have followed, i have subsequently gone on to take on exciting and interesting roles & challenges in other places around Asia. And even briefly in Africa (IOC’s OYDC project). Often with the exciting challenges of becoming the first western or foreign physiotherapist in many nations that i have worked with-in. One of most unique was first full-time foreign physiotherapist (or called: Kāngfù Jiào Liàn – 运动体能康复专家 or roughly translated to “rehab coach”) working with China’s Winter Olympic teams towards Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Around Asia i have been privileged to help some of the world’s best, whilst developing new rehab & injury preventions systems to ensure athletes can prepare & reach their goals for major international competitions & /or the Olympic Games.

As an individual i have also been fortunate enough that this career path has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the world, the people within, and many different ways we all think & operate. Lucky to have a job that is rare for a foreigner, instead of working for foreign companies i have been immersed directly in different countries cultures, within their governments & national pride (sports teams & athletes). Seeing Asia develop and change before my eyes.

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